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From Heart Patient to Mountaineer: A Plant-Powered Transformation

December 28, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 10
Brain Health Matters
From Heart Patient to Mountaineer: A Plant-Powered Transformation
Show Notes

We’re honored and delighted to have Dr. Akil Taher, who has done everything from triathlons to skydiving, hang gliding and scuba diving. He did all of this AFTER going through open-heart surgery at age 61.

Since heart disease is one of the major risk factors that can contribute to the likelihood of developing dementia, I just had to invite him to share his story of plant-powered transformation. 

Some Highlights:

2:30 Why older people are happier than young people, despite physical illnesses
4:31  How what he called the “See Food” diet and a Type A Personality nearly killed Dr. Taher
08:34 How denial sent Dr. Taher on a downward spiral 
12:00 the importance of fiber in your diet
14:10 why pockets in your colon are NOT normal, despite what North American doctors tell you
15:47 Making the choice to be in control
19:00 First marathon post-bypass surgery and an amazing gift in a dream
22:00 First mountain climbing expedition 1 year post-bypass
24:28 Dr. Taher’s Six Pillars of Health
31:40 What is broken heart syndrome?
33:41 Going plant-powered is delicious and does not have to be complicated 
36:00 What exercises are best for your heart (and your brain?)

41:39 Dr. Taher’s Book is OPEN-HEART
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