Brain Health Matters

Control Anxiety in a Holistic Way to Enhance and Protect Your Brain

December 14, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 9
Brain Health Matters
Control Anxiety in a Holistic Way to Enhance and Protect Your Brain
Show Notes

This week, Kate Kunkel interviews Dr. Nafisa Sekandari, a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in anxiety based disorders.

Since mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, are well-known risk factors for dementia, this week’s discussion with Dr. Nafisa Sekandari, licensed clinical psychologist, is very important when considering your brain health.

We know that medications prescribed for mental health issues have many serious side effects and do not solve the root of any problem, and the medications themselves can and do have serious effects on the brain.

But Dr. Sekandari has a holistic and integrative approach to creating long term control of anxiety, without medication or long-term therapy. You’ll learn some amazing tools to nip panic attacks and overcome anxiety in this inspiring podcast. 

Dr. Nafisa Sekandari is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety based disorders, and through holistic and integrative interventions, helps her patients and online course students create long term control of their anxiety and OCD symptoms, without medication or long term therapy.  

Her recent book "Calm Within: Transform Anxiety Naturally With The 3 Step AIM Program" was recently published and is available on and where ever books are sold.  
Some highlights of the show: 

03:00 Anxiety does not manifest the same in everybody 
04:43 The connection between gut health and mental health, specifically, anxiety
06:35 Remove the stigma by demonstrating the physical reality of anxiety
08:15 Do genetics play a role?
10:46 So many kinds of anxiety – what about OCD?
16:03 Stress, inflammation and anxiety
18:29 How to use positive self-talk to reduce anxiety
22:35 The most important hours for the best sleep – this is important!!!
24:45 Dr. Sekandari shares powerful tips to get the best sleep
26:51 How to stop a panic attack
32:06 How to reach Dr. Sekandari

To learn about Dr. Sekandari’s Transforming Anxiety Conference (January 2024) visit  

    Instagram: dr_nafisa_sekandari
Linked in: dr-nafisa-sekandari
Youtube: @DrNafisaSekandari

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