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Can Grounding Improve your Brain?

November 30, 2023 Kate Kunkel
Brain Health Matters
Can Grounding Improve your Brain?
Show Notes

There are so many ways that being connected to the earth can help improve your sleep, your creativity, and especially your brain health.

This week's guest on Brain Health Matters is Dr. Laura Koniver, the Intuition Physician, and she shares many important ways that we can improve our overall health and of course our brains, simply by making that all-important connection to the earth. 
Some Highlights of the Interview:

03:06 Medical evidence of the importance of grounding
06:09 How to ground, even if the weather is bad or you’re not in a safe area

08:33 The brain benefits of grounding
10:55 How grounding can help in the fight against developing dementia
15:10 Can hugging a tree help your brain?
18:21 The fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. – pharmaceuticals
22:55 How grounding can help you achieve better sleep and the importance of reducing your exposure to EMF at night
30:44 Creativity and purpose – how they make your brain healthier and you happier
34:10 A real-life example of grounding’s benefits to working through a problem
35:52 The importance of grounding for the health of the cerebrospinal fluid, in which our brains are always bathed

38:54 Learn more from Dr. Koniver here:

Laura Koniver’s website:
Laura’s book, "The Earth Prescription"

NOW is the time to start a healthier brain protocol that includes many of the things Dr. Koniver talked about - healthier sleep, purpose, creativity, and of course, connection to the earth. 

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