Brain Health Matters

Does Diabetes Affect Your Brain?

November 02, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 6
Brain Health Matters
Does Diabetes Affect Your Brain?
Show Notes

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This week's episode: 

Dr. Beverly Yates is an internationally acclaimed diabetes expert who helps people get control over their blood sugar. Alzheimer's disease has been called type three diabetes. The cognitive symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes are very similar to dementia, and the hormonal dysregulation that comes with diabetes can have a hugely detrimental effect on our brains. In this podcast, you will learn the five lifestyle factors that comprise the Yates protocol, and how important this is for brain health.

Some key points:

03:15  What will be the social, personal, and financial impact of millions of people suffering with dementia in the next few years?  

04:00 The difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes 

05:45 What does insulin resistance mean? 

08:48 Is pre-diabetes something to worry about?  And can it also affect the brain?

12:15 The first two of the Five steps in The Yates Protocol

15:11 Read labels!

16:59: The dangers of artificial sweeteners

18:37 Step Three: Sleep. Why is it so important? 

20:15 Step Four: Stress can be a hijacker of your blood sugar and your sleep  

22:21: Living with Type One diabetes, and what are the twin gremlins?

22:06: Step Five: Exercise and strength training are blood sugar sponges, 

29:34: Best ways to test and monitor your blood sugar and the benefits of a CGM continuous glucose monitor. 

31:05: How some of us react negatively to ordinarily “healthy” foods. 

34:09: Dr. Yates' closing thoughts and advice:

Dr. Gates contact information: 

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