Brain Health Matters

Go Plant-Powered for a Healthier Brain and a Longer Life

October 19, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 5
Brain Health Matters
Go Plant-Powered for a Healthier Brain and a Longer Life
Show Notes

This week's gust is Kim Murphy, a certified Plant-Based Health Coach and the founder of Simply Plant Based Kitchen and an Amazon best-selling author of her new book, Plant Powered.

She was inspired to start a whole food plant based lifestyle to improve her own health after she lost her Dad to Alzheimer’s. 

Kim started her business,  Simply Plant Based Kitchen, because she wanted to help busy & overwhelmed people learn how to make whole food plant based eating simple, easy, and delicious so they can feel amazing and have their best health.

Some Key Points from the Podcast:

03:11 A powerful inspiration to get healthier
08:07 It’s all about the “why” – and Diet vs. Lifestyle
10:25 Eating death
12:21 What your body does with processed foods
14:20 Why the fat in nuts and seeds is better
15:47 Do you really have to steer clear of fruit?
18:00 Tips to a successful transition to a whole foods plant-based diet
21:46 But what about the cost of eating healthy?
24:42 Dealing with a mixed-meal family and the holidays
29:10 A gift from Kim: The Ultimate Plant-Based Grocery List
          (Hint – There’s a lot more on there than lettuce!)
30:19 Plant Based - the book

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