Brain Health Matters

Move it or Lose it! A Healthier Brain Comes with Exercise

September 21, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 3
Brain Health Matters
Move it or Lose it! A Healthier Brain Comes with Exercise
Show Notes

Want more strength? Want more brainpower? Want to feel more alive? Want to banish depression and/or brain fog?

Then you need to watch this episode of Brain Health Matters, because Kate Kunkel's guest, Erik LeHane, is a dedicated physical therapist who has devoted his life to helping active seniors STAY active and healthy.

As the visionary founder of the Gaitway Group, Erik has established an exclusive practice that places a special emphasis on preventative physical therapy, aimed at extending the health span and improving the overall quality of life for active seniors.

He has helped countless seniors regain their physical vitality and has also set a new standard for care in the industry. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of aging individuals, Erik's work goes beyond traditional rehabilitation. He specializes in developing tailored programs that empower seniors to live their lives to the fullest, enabling them to maintain their independence and mobility for years to come.

Some Key Points:

05:47: It's not just about movement, it's about quality of life and having a positive attitude toward aging

09:07: Why seniors are not getting the proper care and advice to prevent loss of physical and cognitive strength

12:50: If there was a pill you could take, and there was a 50 to 70% chance it would prevent you from ever having to deal with depression, loss of strength, cancer, neurodegenerative disease or diabetes, would you take that pill?

14:50: A great exercise you can do right at your kitchen counter

19:23: The elevator test to determine your functional mobility

25:00: Where do you want to be five years from now?

32:50: Easy ways to incorporate quality exercise into your every day routine

35:27: Claim your Gift of the 10 Essentials Home Circuit

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