Brain Health Matters

Banish the Brain Fog and Boost your Memory with BRIGHTMINDS

September 07, 2023 Kate Kunkel Season 3 Episode 1
Brain Health Matters
Banish the Brain Fog and Boost your Memory with BRIGHTMINDS
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Brain Health Matters, a series of courses, programs and podcasts designed to help you become healthier so your brain can become happier and stronger.

In this week's podcast with host Kate Kunkel, we explore the the importance of a positive attitude and the many ways a healthier brain can give us a better career and, of course, a better life. You won't want to miss this beautiful conversation with fellow brain health coach, Allison Liu.

Allison Liu is an Amen Licensed Brain Trainer and Brain Health Coach who helps women in midlife to improve their mood, memory and mental sharpness. Allison successfully overcame brain fog and overwhelm by increasing her own ‘brain reserve’, and now coaches women to achieve the same so that they can better handle life’s challenges and face the future with confidence. Her motto: Stay sharp for life!

Allison’s website is Allison Liu Coaching 

Key Points:
The financial, emotional and physical challenges created by dementia.
What exactly IS brain fog – How does it manifest and how can we dispel it?
Overwhelm can make any lifestyle change hard – but especially your brain. What is the best way to start?
Explaining the BRIGHTMINDS mnemonic to understand the risk factors that can impact our brain health now and put us at risk for dementia later.
Why retirement is a risk factor for dementia and other forms of cognitive decline.
Where genetics fit into the puzzle of brain health.
The frightening number of toxins that have been introduced into our lives since the Industrial Revolution and how they affect our brains.
The importance of looking at the risk factors and mitigating all of them. One small action is good, but that won’t turn around cognitive decline.
How dementia truly impacts your life and that of your loved ones. Hint – it’s not just about memory loss.
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