Brain Health Matters

How your Eyes can Impact Brain Function and Health

September 28, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 2 Episode 2
Brain Health Matters
How your Eyes can Impact Brain Function and Health
Show Notes

In this touching story of overcoming pain and reading disability, Trent McEntire shares how he used his own pain to help others regain their mobility and quality of life.

Trent joined Kate Kunkel on this episode of Brain Health Matters to share the connections between our brains and what and how we see.

Some highlights of the show:

4:04 At 19, Trent learned that he had cerebral palsy and how he overcame the pain and limitations to help others
9:00 How a chance encounter with a vision therapist changed Trent’s ability to read
12:33 How sensory and eye training can improve life and movement for Parkinson’s patients
15:16 How playing enjoyable games with a special ball can improve our brains
21:57 Staving off dementia with games
23:49 A touching story of a miraculous interlude with a child on the autism spectrum
27:00 Contact Trent at Fire Up Your Brain.   

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