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This is your Brain on Alcohol

September 14, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 2 Episode 1
Brain Health Matters
This is your Brain on Alcohol
Show Notes

For season two we will be releasing a new episode every two weeks so that your host, Kate Kunkel, can focus on treating the many clients who are seeking help to improve their brains, and to complete her latest book, The Mindful Brain.

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This week – the mental and brain health effect of alcohol. Is it true we lose thousands of brain cells every time we imbibe?

Our guest this week is Stephanie Pratico, an Independently Licensed Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor, Clinical Supervisor & Educator who has been in the field 12 years.

Some highlights of the show:

3:00 Do we really kill thousands of brain cells by overindulging in alcohol, even once?
4:50 The short and long term effects of alcohol use on the brain
8:14 What comes first – depression or alcohol use
10:55 Do traumatic brain injuries increase likelihood of developing alcohol dependency?
16:02 As a family member or friend – how to approach a difficult subject
22:00 The Whole Person wellness model to overcome addiction and the importance of setting goals
25:56 How does mindfulness fit into alcoholism or any other addiction?
28:35 Hope

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