Brain Health Matters

Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms: Forbidden Fruit or Powerful Healers?

August 24, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 30
Brain Health Matters
Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms: Forbidden Fruit or Powerful Healers?
Show Notes

Brain Health Matters is a podcast dedicated to helping you connect with the people and resources that will help you improve your memory, boost your brain, and reduce the risk of developing dementia. From time to time, we invite guests on the show who have an uncommon or controversial topic. Please note that the opinions of guests on the show do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the host or Brain Health Matters.

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This week, we delve for the first time into plant medicine, and learn how we can use the power of CBD for a healthier brain.

Darlene Mea is a long-standing media personality in the world of alternative everything, representing all things natural, sustainable and life-promoting.

 Darlene has personally been involved with plant medicine for wellness her entire life and now counsels those wanting to discover the powers of cannabis and other plant medicines for long-term natural healing and evolutionary benefits.

 Some highlights of the show:

 1:41 Hemp vs. Cannabis

3:24  Hemp seeds or CBD

7:50  The power of juicing cannabis leaves

8:30 50 years of study in Israel show the myriad of benefits to health  

11:29 Read the results of the study on the effects of cannabis oil on blood flow in the brain HERE.  

12:30 Effects on meningitis, Parkinson’s Disease, and strokes

15:25 Do the benefits outweigh any potential risks?

17:00 Can everyone take it?

19:00 What if you take pharmaceuticals?

23:00 New science for old medicine: Mushrooms

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More studies on the value of cannabis for health include this one on Depression and this one on Inflammation.

 The movie Darlene referred to regarding mushrooms is Fantastic Fungi. Excellent!

 More information on the benefits of magic mushrooms can be found HERE.

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