Brain Health Matters

Can Meditation Improve Your Brain?

August 10, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 28
Brain Health Matters
Can Meditation Improve Your Brain?
Show Notes

Welcome to Brain Health Matters, a podcast dedicated to helping you connect with the people and resources that will help you improve your memory, boost your brain, and reduce the risk of developing dementia.

 This week, Christopher Manning, the Mindfulness Man, joins Kate Kunkel to share the many ways that meditation can help us concentrate, learn, and deal with stress.

 Some highlights of the interview:

2:31 Do you have to sit cross-legged with your fingers in circles to meditate “properly”?

4:37 Why it is so powerful to pay attention to, vs. control, your breath

9:03 Alleviating the suffering from ADHD with meditation

13:09 BDNF: A cure for ADHD and depression

14:10 How meditation protects and enhances brain matter

15:00 Steps to start a meditation practice and overcome doubt

17:01 Is mindful eating helpful?

20:19 Achieving real joy doesn’t happen in 5 minutes a day

22:15 How to tap into Chris’s guided meditations online

23:32 Resolving real-life difficulties with the Loving-Kindness meditation

25:15 If you struggle with loneliness – meditation may be the answer

28:04 Meditation as a way to detach from circumstances and events that cause distress. Suffering is optional.

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