Brain Health Matters

A Sound Approach to a Better Brain

August 03, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 27
Brain Health Matters
A Sound Approach to a Better Brain
Show Notes

Welcome to Brain Health Matters, a podcast dedicated to helping you connect with the people and resources that will help you improve your memory, boost your brain, and reduce the risk of developing dementia.

This week’s very special guest is Craig Goldberg. Craig is the president and co-founder of Inharmony Interactive, a company dedicated to creating VAT technology that enables us to experience sound and frequencies in a unique and powerful way.

Some important points in the podcast:

3:30 Death by a thousand cuts – how the myriad of toxins in our environment band together to make us sick

9:30 A healing dream comes true with the experience of sound directed to the body

13:45 The effect of vibroacoustic sound on the central nervous system

17:24 Stress, the brain, and how to retrain your nervous system to be in parasympathetic – rest and relax – state

19:46 Alleviating the debilitating tremors of Parkinson’s Disease

21:00 Anti-spasmodic effects of VAT

26:20 Improving blood circulation in a pleasant and drug-free way

28:00 How vibroacoustic therapy or jumping up and down can be powerful tools for lymphatic drainage

31:00 What is Brain Tap?  

Contact Craig through

For a look at the technology Craig was referring to, click HERE

If you are interested in purchasing a system, claim the 5% discount Craig referred to by using the code BrainHealth

You will also find InHarmony on Facebook and Instagram and many other social media channels. You’ll find them all linked on the website.

And for information on Brain Tap – Click HERE

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