Brain Health Matters

News You Can Use to Boost Your Brain and Prevent Dementia

July 20, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 25
Brain Health Matters
News You Can Use to Boost Your Brain and Prevent Dementia
Show Notes

In this episode of Brain Health Matters, Amen Certified Brain Health Professional Kate Kunkel shares some of the latest important research on risk factors for dementia and other brain disorders including dementia and anxiety.

Knowledge is power, and Kate has given you several powerful steps based on this research to help you protect your health and lower your chances of developing cognitive decline.

You can follow up on this research with the links provided here:

Sleep and Noradrenaline

 Antibiotics and depression and anxiety: Neuroscience News

Optimism for a healthier brain:

Chronic disease and dementia risk:

Obesity and dementia risk:

Surgery and brain health risks:

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