Brain Health Matters

Surviving and Thriving After a Traumatic Brain Injury

June 29, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 22
Brain Health Matters
Surviving and Thriving After a Traumatic Brain Injury
Show Notes

Marita Rahlenbeck is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and helps others struggling to regain what was lost after an injury of this magnitude. She is a dedicated advocate for living a holistic lifestyle and loves to teach about clean eating/living and how to use essential oils holistically for optimal mind, body, soul health.

Like so many other survivors of a TBI, Marita found it necessary to go outside the allopathic medical world to find healing.

In this episode of Brain Health Matters she shares the various processes and products that have enabled her to regain a new level of health and wholeness.

A few highlights of this interview:

04:24 Some of the symptoms of TBI
05:43 A diagnosis from an unlikely source
06:37 Testing does not equal healing and how the allopathic system failed her
07:52 How fermented turmeric offered support
13:46 stimulating the vagus nerve for better brain health
17:29 How a beloved cat’s illness led to another level of healing
19:00 How essential oils can help with brain health
21:37 Healing does not happen overnight. Do not be discouraged.

 Marita’s blog:

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