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Your Eyes are Windows to the Health of your Brain

June 22, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 21
Brain Health Matters
Your Eyes are Windows to the Health of your Brain
Show Notes

Dr. Thomas Lewis is a medical scientist with advanced degrees from MIT and the Harvard School of Public Health. He has developed novel algorithms to predict and measure chronic diseases with an emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases. He uses a combination of risk assessments, biomarkers and pathology testing, using mainly the eye as a canary in the coal mine to determine where you lie on the health disease continuum.

 He joins Kate Kunkel on Brain Health Matters to share powerful insights into the relationship between the health of the eyes and the potential for developing Alzheimer’s. But it goes far beyond that. As you’ll learn in the interview, “lab results” aren’t as helpful as physicians would have us believe, and the push to lower cholesterol is NOT good for our brains.

 Some important points:

 2:50 Alzheimer’s is glaucoma of the brain, and glaucoma is Alzheimer’s of the eyes

4:22 How eye and brain diseases are essentially vascular diseases

5:34 The tests and measures we can use to determine what’s going on in the eye and the brain

7:00 Which types of cataracts portend Alzheimer’s Disease

9:00 How pharmacological treatment of tau proteins makes Alzheimer’s Disease worse

11:00 Cholesterol is NOT the enemy

12:01 How allowing pharmaceutical companies into medical schools perverted standard of care

14:33 Why we need healthy fats.

15:00 Can doctors really tell if you’re sick or well?

 15:40 What is health, and what do “labs” really mean?

21:40 How chronic infections and dormant viruses can contribute to Alzheimer’s.

24:00 The importance of aggressively treating chronic diseases.

27:00 Ivermectin as an antiviral

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