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Can Going Gluten-Free Lead to a Healthier Brain?

February 14, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 100 Episode 3
Brain Health Matters
Can Going Gluten-Free Lead to a Healthier Brain?
Show Notes

If you find yourself suffering from swollen joints, digestive issues, brain fog, or memory lapses, you may be suffering from gluten intolerance. Jennifer Marcks, knows all about it. She suffered from gluten intolerance, but has overcome the pain to create a gluten-free lifestyle for herself and her family, which includes three children who have Celiac Disease. 

Jennifer has made it her mission in life to help other individuals and families embrace and enjoy the gluten-free life for better health.
In this episode you’ll learn how to recognize if you are gluten-intolerant. You’ll also learn some fabulous hacks to make the switch to this brain-healthy lifestyle both easy and delicious.

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To learn more about how a gluten-free lifestyle fits into a brain-healthy lifestyle, read Don’t Let the Memories Fade. You’ll also find many gluten free, vegan recipes at

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